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My mother-in-law heard her talking to someone on the phone all night 😭😭😭

 I was very upset that my mother-in-law would leave her house and come and stay with us for 10 days.

I don't understand why, honestly, I already like to take my comfort in my home and I don't like anyone imprisoning my freedom

  And don't keep it to myself, I said this to my wife, I felt that she got upset and told me it's over, my love.

I felt that I would be dressed in the sorrow of our Lord, and only He knows when my nation will end, so I accepted the reality.


We found her the nursery, since we have only been married for five months and we still have no children.

She brought her clothes bag with her, and from her first day in the house, she entered her room, locked herself in, and imposed complete isolation on herself.


On her first day, we banged on her bed so she would go out to eat with us.

She used to say that she was not hungry, at first I said that this is normal and normal because she is eclipsed.

  Although I do not understand why she was covered, what made her leave her apartment and come and enlighten us here for 10 days in their condition..

Just what should we...

The strange thing is that this situation lasted for 3 days in their condition until I began to worry

How can I live 3 days without eating?

My wife told me that she definitely brought food with her. I mean, it is not possible that she would live without food. You know, my love, Mama is very sensitive.

  She does not make any sound as long as she is in the house, like a breeze, and no one feels her.

It is logical in general, this perception, can be understood, I mean, she has food in the bag that she lives on and she does not eat with us at all..

But I didn't leave the room for 3 days.

  I haven't seen her go to the bathroom once, what do you do to it, do you do it on the comodeno?

With the exact fourth day, this woman began to remain suspicious and suspicious, and no one understood what she was doing inside.


All night I hear her talking to someone, but I can't understand what she's saying.

Of course, Madame has a ready explanation. She is definitely talking on the phone, my love.

But is it logical for someone to talk all night on the phone without disconnecting a single second?

I went out to pray Fajr as every day, but suddenly the electricity was cut off while I was on the stairs.

I flashed my mobile phone and went downstairs. While I was under the house, I found the whole area dark.

You can't see the palm of your hand, but there is light coming from my apartment, specifically from my mother-in-law's room..

It is not the light of a candle, nor the light of a flash, this is very high illumination.

I went upstairs to see what was going on..

I approached my mother-in-law's room, I heard the sound of a TV playing in the air, I don't understand how..

All this happened while my wife was asleep, and when I woke up I didn't tell her anything about it because I wasn't ready to listen to her beautiful explanations at all..

On her fifth day at home, specifically at 2:00 p.m., the electricity was cut off from the entire area for the second time, and she preferred her room, but she was the one who was enlightened. I was standing in the kitchen making tea while my wife was sleeping as usual.

And the sugar was over, I kept looking in the kitchen for a bag of sugar that I could not find..

Suddenly my wife entered the kitchen, and without speaking she opened one of the drawers and took out a bag of sugar and said to me, “Come in, my love.” And I went back to the room again.

The world was dark and I could see it in the light that came from the stove fire, but there was a very small thing..

The one who gave me this sugar is not my wife..

Not her look, not her voice.


And not my mother-in-law either, I wish..

The one who gave me sugar and left was my mother, may God have mercy on her??

The one I saw in this house is my mother, may God have mercy on her.

I am sure and I can't get confused about something like this, even the galabiya she was wearing is the last galabiya she wore before she died, the day she had a heart attack and we didn't catch her until we took her to the hospital..

At that moment, I was sure that my mother-in-law's presence in the house one day would also be a great danger and danger..

This woman must leave the house immediately, but first I have to understand what exactly she is doing..

But I will know how this is, and it has already occupied the room and turned it into a mysterious, closed place..

I have to enter this room and understand exactly what is happening inside it, but how will I enter the room in the first place, and I will not leave it at all..

I thought a lot about how to get her out of the room, even if it was for an hour, so that I could go inside and find out exactly what she was hiding.

I got a good idea.

I took advantage of the story of the virus in this country and told her and my wife that I would get someone to sterilize the whole house and spray chemicals, and they could not be in the apartment at the time of sterilization.

Indeed, I convinced them that they were waiting for Madame Rasha, who was in the apartment that we were going to, for half an hour, but until people sterilized the house.

As soon as she went out, I locked the door of the apartment and let the man who was with him spray outside, and I entered my mother-in-law's room, and opened her black box..

The room was terrifying...

Old books are everywhere, very old, handwritten on the skin of animals, there are strange manuscripts with Arabic letters and numbers, and other manuscripts in ancient Latin and hieroglyphs as well..

Candles on the floor, and very old pictures of dead people.

Lady Di works in black magic..


But the terrifying sight that she saw in her room was not the sight of strange books, nor the sight of wax, nor the inscriptions that suddenly appeared on the walls, I do not know how..

The terrifying thing about the story is that the bag she was carrying had no clothes, it contained 11 skulls of 11 bodies.

Each skull has the name of its owner written on it.

Desouki, Zeenat, Ragab, Dalal, Atman, Zainab, Abdel-Bar, Fawzia, Jad, Fayeq, and Khadija.

Oh my God, what I understood was wrong, and this is just a coincidence..

I know the names of 3 of the owners of these skulls..

Rajab is my uncle, Utman is my aunt's husband, and Khadija is my mother...

Do you think this could be just a name similarity?

Is it a coincidence that I see my mother here at home 13 years after her death? By chance, I find skulls in the name of my mother, my uncle, and my aunt's husband.

After I saw this scene, I was more terrified than I was, and my fear and anxiety increased from this woman and what she is doing..

I put everything back in its place and went out and locked the room, and the man had finished sterilizing, there was an important trip that I had to do to make sure of what was in my brain..

I went to Madame Rasha's apartment to take my wife and mother-in-law from there before I went out.

I rang the bell, Madame Rasha came out, I told her to send the group back and tell them that they can go back to the apartment, I told my wife that I am going for a walk and I will not be late, she and my mother-in-law entered the apartment and I went down the stairs, but I found Madame Rasha calling for me while I was going down..

Mr. Muhammad, Mr. Muhammad

= Yes, Madam Rasha, order me

- I want to tell you something


= good

- Isn't the old woman who was here really your mother-in-law?

= Yes

Look, I know that what I am going to say is strange, and you may not believe it. You know that Sheikh Mustafa Jozi works as a healer with the Qur’an, and when God wrote for many people he healed from magic and touch, and many cases he treated without any reward for God’s sake.

= Do you know Madam Rasha, do you know what my mother-in-law has to do with this story?

- Your mother-in-law, Mr. Muhammad, has a strange secret behind her. God knows what it is, but Mustafa Jozi says that this woman is dead and that the one who was sitting with us is not her. This is a demon represented in her image.

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